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Photo Credit: Jimmy Parker



  • FAMILY Polygonaceae
  • CATEGORY Shrubs, Vines, & Others

Mexican creeper, coral vine, bee bush (Antigonon leptopus)

A perennial vine with vigorous growth, heart-shaped leaves, and many pink flowers. Tendrils help the vine take hold and smother its host. Native to Mexico, this vine has naturalized on all major Hawaiian islands and is considered invasive in many tropical locations. Offspring can be created from seeds, tuberous roots, stolons and from vegetative cuttings. The common name should be 'Queens Wrath' rather than Queens wreath due to the havoc it reeks on any host plant it uses for structural support.

  • Woody perennial vine
  • Alternate leaves, mostly cordate shaped
  • Stems are pentagonal-shaped in the cross section
  • Many pink flowers


  • Smothering habitat
  • Cutting back is ineffective due to vigorous tubers from which new vines will grow
  • Roots persist underground
  • Bird dispersed seeds
  • Boyent fruit
  • Prolific seed production
  • Self compatiable
  • Threatens native diversity
  • Tolerates many soil types