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Ailanthus altissima

tree of heaven

An invasive tree not known to be in Hawai'i.

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Angiopteris evecta

mule's foot fern

A fern native to Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Australia, and New Guinea that has established invasive populations in...

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Antigonon leptopus

Mexican creeper, coral vine, bee bush

A perennial vine with vigorous growth, heart-shaped leaves, and many pink flowers. Tendrils help the vine take hold and smother...

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Asparagus densiflorus


Listed on Hawai'i's most invasive horticultural plant's list, asparagus is a highly invasive perennial plant often used as...

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Asystasia gangetica

Chinese violet

Considered a noxious weed in Florida. It is listed as an invasive weed in Cuba, Puerto Rico and in Hawaii. It tolerates a...

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Begonia foliosa

fern-leaf Begonia

Often cultivated in hanging baskets due to its cascading nature, the fern-leaf begonia that has spread from original plantings...

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Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis

Brazilian prickly pear, cactus papaya tree, prickly pear cactus

Considered one of the tallest members of the cactus family, Brasiliopuntia brasiliensis reaches heights up to 66 feet. Armed...

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Buddleja madagascariensis

butterfly bush

An aggressive shrub that forms dense stands. The Division of Forestry and Wildlife of the Hawai'i Department of Land and...

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Bursera simaruba

Gumbo limbo, tourist tree, turpentine tree

Gumbolimbo thrives in Hawaii's tropical climate, especially the dry areas. Reportedly, stands are naturalizing in the Kailua-kona...

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Calliandra calothyrsus

calliandra, powderpuff, red calliandra, kaliana

Native to the wet tropical forests of Central America, Calliandra calothyrsus thrives on the windward sides of the island...

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