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Alibertia edulis

marmelada, puruo, Madrono

This deciduous bush hails from Central and South America where it thrives in sunny lowland disturbed areas. It is considered...

Alibertia patinoi

burijo, burojo

This is a large shrub/small tree that is suited to humid tropical climates. In fact, it will only grow in areas of very high...

Allium sativum


Related to onion and leeks, Garlic is a well-known addition to food. It thrives in colder areas and may be difficult to...

Allocasuarina verticillata

drooping she-oak

This tall evergreen tree makes a great windbreak, hedge, privacy screening, shade and lumber products. It is drought tolerant,...

Alluaudia procera

Madagascar ocotillo

This succulent plant can be manipulated into cactus art, like bonsai. It needs well-drained soil, is suitable for xeriscaping,...

Alnus nepalensis

Nepalese alder

This is a nitrogen-fixing tree that is not invasive! It is fast growing and wind pollinated. In Java, this tree is planted...

Aloe species

Hercules aloe, fan aloe, aloe

Aloe is a pono genus, they all share similar growing requirements and uses. Aloe is easy to grow as a container plant. It...

Aloysia citrodora

lemon verbena, lemon beebrush

Lemon Beebrush is a shrub that smells strongly of lemon, as the common name suggests. It requires water until established,...

Alpinia galangal

siamese ginger, Thai ginger, galangal

This plant produces attractive flowers and foliage but is best known for its aromatic rhizomes. It tolerates many soil types...

Alyxia stellata


The entire maile plant is fragrant, especially the leaves, which are commonly used in leis. They are one of the few plants...

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