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Attalea cohune

cohune palm, American oil palm, corozo palm, manaca palm

The cohune palm is native to Central and Latin America where it dominates the low land wet forest community. The cohune palm...

Bixa orellana

achiote, lipstick plant

Achiote flowers produce fuzzy pods (they are usually red but there is also a yellow form). When dry, the pods split open...

Bombax ceiba

cotton tree, kapok tree, red silk cotton tree, bombax, semal, Assamese

When in bloom, this tree makes a spectactular specimen. However, the seeds are poisonous if ingested and there are conical...

Bougainvillea species

bougainvillea, paper flower

A thorny, drought tolerant plant, bougainvillea is a good choice for dry locations that need a splash of color. There are...

Brachychiton acerifolius

Australian Flametree, Flame Bottletree, Flame Tree, Flame Kurrajong, Illawara Tree, Illawara Flame T

Considered one of the most spectacular red flowering trees in the world, this giant tree is also long-lived. The glossy and...

Cajanus cajan

Pigeon pea, Dhal, Gandul, Red gram, Congo pea, Gungo pea, No eye pea

The Pigeon pea is a semi-perennial shrub that requires replanting every 3 to 4 years. Trifoliate leaves, zygomorphic yellow...

Canavalia galeatea


This lovely flowering vine produces large, deep purple flowers which are used in lei-making. Because it is a nitrogen fixer,...

Capparis sandwichiana

maiapilo, pua pilo, polo, Hawaiian caper

Maiapilo is a wonderful coastal plant with large, fragrant flowers. It does not tolerate over-watering. It makes a great...

Carex wahuensis

O`ahu sedge

This grass-like plant will grow 1 to 2.5 feet tall with a spread of 2 feet or more. They can live longer than 5 years and...

Carissa macrocarpa

carissa, natal plum

Carissa is used as a groundcover, hedge, or shrub with glossy green leaves, white fragrant flowered followed by red edible...

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