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Cassia x nealiae

rainbow shower tree

The rainbow shower tree is a cross between Cassia fistula and Cassia javacana. Territorial forester David Hughes made the...

Chrysanthemum pacificum

ajania, Pacific chrysanthemum,

Native to Japan, this herbaceous ground cover produces attractive green and white/silver variegated foliage. It is a good...

Cocculus orbiculatus

hue, huehue, hue`ie, `inalua, queen coralbead

Huehue is a native ground cover that grows in rocky areas or in cinder. It makes an attractive groundcover with blue-ish...

Codiaeum variegatum

Croton, Joseph’s coat

Native to Southern India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, the croton thrives in high humidity low light forests. Considered an evergreen,...

Colubrina asiatica

kauila, coastal kauila, kauila `anapanapa, kauila kukuku, kolokolo

This native plant is naturally found on the islands of Ni`ihau, Kaua`i, O`ahu, Moloka`i, Lana`i, and Maui. It grows well...

Colvillea racemosa

Colville's Glory Tree, Whip Tree

Native to savannah areas of Madasgar, Colvillea racemosa thrives in a xeriscape setting. The nitrogen-fixing tree produces...

Cordia subcordata

kou, Hawaiian kou, native kou

Although originally believed to be a Polynesian introduction, fossil evidence found on Kauai indicates that kou was present...

Cycas revoluta

sago palm, king sago, sago cycad, Japanese sago palm

Native to southern Japan, the king sago palm can tolerate temperatures down to the high teens. This slow growing palm produces...

Delonix regia

Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant Tree, Flame Tree, Peacock Flower, Gulmohar

The royal poinciana was brought to Hawai'i by the great botanist Dr. Hillabrand in 1855. This tree remains a popular ornamental...

Dianella sandwicensis

`uki`uki, Hawaiian lily

This native lily is a beautiful groundcover that produces spikes of white flowers and striking blue fruit year-round. The...

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