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Saccharum officinarum

sugar cane, noble cane, ikshu, khanda, sarkara (sanskrit), pundia, paunda (hindi), poovan karumbu (tamil), Ko

Introduced to Hawai`i by the Polynesians, sugar cane is a grass with hard stems (stalks) and long blades. This plant can...

Samanea saman

moneky pod, rain tree

A large tree with an umbrella-shaped wide canopy. The compound leaflets fold up on rainy days and at night, hence the common...

Sapindus oahuensis

O`ahu soapberry, soapberry, kaulu, lonomea,

Lonomea is the endemic soapberry species that grows only on Kauai and Oahu. It is related to the indigenous species, Sapindus...

Strelitzia reginae

Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower

The bird of paradise has become synonymous with tropical gardens and is one of the most well know tropical plants. It came...

Strongylodon macrobotrys

blue jade, green jade, jade climber, jade vine, emerald creeper, flor-de-jade, turquois jade vine

This vine features long cascading blue-green flowers. It comes from the rain forests of the Philippines. It is a member...

Strongylodon ruber

nuku'i'iwi, k'i'iwi, nuku, Hawai'i jadevine,

The mature height of this vine is 38-46 feet, with a 19-foot spread, and it hosts beautiful, highly unique flowers. The beauty...

Tabebuia donnell-smithii

primavera, gold tree

This is stunning when it goes into flower, typically in the summer, because the bright yellow blooms tend to open all at...

Telosma cordata

pakalana, Chinese violet

Pakalana is a prized vine and beautifies a yard when allowed grow on a sturdy fence. Commonly used in lei, it also has a...

Thunbergia mysorensis

clock vine, Mysore trumpet vine, Indian clock vine

This species of thunbergia vine often reaches 6 meters and has long narrow medium green leaves, large pendent hanging blossoms...

Vaccinium calycinum, Vaccinium reticulatum, Vaccinium dentatum

`ohelo, ohelo kau la`au

The three species of `ohelo are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and they grow best in higher, cooler areas; they are found...

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