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Pono Businesses

The Big Island

Plant Pono is a voluntary partnership based on a set of shared values between the Big Island Invasive Species Committee (BIISC) and green businesses on Hawai'i Island. Together we believe it is important to protect and promote: 

  • Native ecosystems and biodiversity
  • Forested watersheds that collect and store water
  • Productive agriculture and locally-produced food
  • Economic viability of local businesses

By partnering with green industry professionals represented by the Hawaii Island Landscape Association (HILA), we will reduce the spread and impact of invasive plants.

The Plant Pono endorsement program was developed in 2015 to address the invasive species problem in Hawaiʻi while also promoting green businesses and helping serve customers’ needs.  New species of horticultural plants are being imported to Hawai‘i and dispersed at an accelerated rate with little caution for their potential to impact local agriculture and native ecosystems. Plant Pono fills in the gaps left by Hawai‘i’s permissive laws regarding the importation of plants and the sale of invasive weeds.

Endorsed businesses agree to assess plants using the Hawai‘i Pacific Weed Risk Assessment (HPWRA), a background check that uses published information to answer questions about the
plant’s biological and historical characteristics. Based on results, along with information
from research and green industry professionals, the worst invasive plants on the Big
Island are red-flagged for inclusion on a “No Grow” list.

Each "No Grow" plant has particularly harmful invasive traits such as: being shade tolerant, produce viable seed that is either wind dispersed/dispersed by animals/ dispersed by water, be a prolific seed producer, and have seeds persist in the seed bank for more than a year. Plants on the no grow list should be in the horticulture trade, be agreed upon by stakeholders, and have naturalization records in the state. 

Endorsed nurseries, landscapers, and other green businesses play a key role in stopping the spread and introduction of invasive pests. Therefore endorsed businesses practice the following procedures to help protect Hawai'i's economy, health and way of life:

Endorsed businesses on the Big Island agree to: 

Contact Molly Murphy at for more information, plant identifications or help with invasive pests. 

Big Island Endorsed Nurseries:

Aileen's Nursery 
Hilo, Hawaii 96720 *By appointment only
(808) 936-2671  Aileen's Nursery 

South Kona Nursery
87-368 Kaohe Mauka Rd, Captain Cook, HI 96704
(808) 328-7338  Dennis Newkirk

Kalaoa Gardens
73-4261 Lau'i Street
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
(808) 326-PALM Garret and Julie Webb

Southern Turf
73-494 Kaiminani Dr
PO Box 2092
Kailua-Kona 96745
(808) 331-8837 Rob Nelson

The Nursery, Inc
73-4301 Laui ST
Kailua-Kona 96740
(808) 906-9082 Guy Cellier

Garden Gifts & Things
79-7372 Mamalahoa Hwy
Kealakekua, Hi 96750
(808)430-7310 Jacque Green

Panaewa Foliage, Inc
859 Awa st
Hilo, Hi 96720
(808)938-6290 Kurt

Tropical Edibles
83-5696 Mamalahoa Hwy
Captain Cook, Hi 96704
(808) 328-0420

Nui Loa Hiki 
PO Box 206
Naalehu, HI 96772
(808) 937-6305 Dezmond

Sustainable Bioresources
P.O. Box 350
Naalehu, HI 96772
(808)339-7325 Edward Rau

PO Box 905 Kamuela, 96743 (mailing)
64-261 Mana Place, Kamuela 96743 (physical)
(808) 885-7418 Sandy and Everett 

Seaview Farms 
12-159 Mapuana Ave.
Pahoa, HI 96778 
(808) 769-2999 Rob Guzman

Aloha Green
P.O. Box 1146
Hilo, HI 96721
(808)896-4079 Dylan Shropshire

Florabunda Palms & Exotics
PO Box 635 
Mountain View, HI 96771
(808) 896-4079 Jeff Marcus

Aikane Nursery
PO Box 51708 Kapaau, Hi 96755(mailing)
55-3472 Akoni Pule Hwy, Hawi (physical)
(808) 889-5906 Brad Belmarez

Pu’u’ala Farm & Ranch, Inc
44-2224 Government Main Rd
Honokaa, HI 96727
(636)219-7969 Alexis

Cardens Gardens
87-2508 Luana Place
Captain Cook, Hi 96704
(808) 345-7337 Cheryl

Hawaiian Reforestation Program
Mountain View, HI 96771
(808)769-0683 Mark Hanson

Kahuku Gifts and Garden shop
92-1329 Prince Kuhio Blvd, Ste 4
Captain Cook, Hi 96704
(808) 939-9202 Lisa Barsell

Elemental Plants 
PO Box 1308
Honokaa, Hawaii 96727
(808)775-9198 Michael Gibson


The Pono Endorsement Program is a voluntary partnership between nursery and landscaping businesses, Plant Pono, and Kauai Invasive Species Committee (KISC).  Pono Endorsed Businesses make pono commitments and follow Best Management Practices to reduce the spread and introduction of invasive species. Some examples include:

  • Pre-screen all new incoming plants using the Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment (HPWRA)
  • Attempt to source all plants locally or from other Pono Endorsed businesses
  • Immediately discontinue the sale of Black List plants (any plants that are currently agency-controlled in the forest)
  • Over the course of 2 years discontinue the sale of Phase Out List plants (plants that are commonly found to escape backyards into the forest)
  • Survey and inspect all incoming material from off-island for Little Fire Ant and Coqui Frog
  • Disinfect gear & equipment between sites, yards, or regions of the island

To learn more about enrolling your business in the Pono Endorsement Program, visit KISC's website, or contact Rachel Smith at

Kauai Endorsed Businesses

Kauai Seascapes Nursery, Inc
4741 Kahili Holo Rd
Kilauea (Kalihiwai), HI 96756 - Serina Marchi Roush

Permaculture Kauai    
6227 Koolau Rd
Kilauea, HI 96756
(808) 643-5412 - Ray Maki

Ron’s Nursery & Yard Service
Laipo Road
Kapaa, HI 96746
(808) 652-4129 - Ron Barretto

Kauai Nursery & Landscaping, Inc
3-1550 Kaumualii Hwy.
Lihue, HI 96766
(808) 245-7747 - Jimmy Toledo

Garden Island Flower Farms & Woodchipping  
Driveway at the end of Kapahi Rd,   
Kapaa HI 96746     
(808) 634-3204 - Steve Sico

Honeybee Gardens LLC (Landscaper)                                                              - Melissa Newhouse

Southside Landscaping & Maintenance (Landscaper)                                            - Garrett Scales

Native by Design (Landscaper) - Dayne Johnson

Windward Maintenance & Landscaping - Brian Chapman